Male Persian kitten for sale!



Is this just what your family needs for Christmas?  What name would your family choose for this affectionate and playful kitten?

Snoopy, black and white bi-color male Persian.
$250.00, already neutered.

Snoopy is available for sale, for $250.00.  Snoopy is a playful and affectionate 8 month old kitten.  He is a black and white bi-color male Persian.  His mother was Dreamy and his father was Max.  He was hand-fed from birth as a kitten,  since Dreamy died from complications following a c-section.

Snoopy often settles down beside us on the couch, rubs our ankles, or rests on the back of the loveseat above our heads.  He is currently 7.5 lbs, but is probably not finished growing yet.  He has the stocky Persian build, and a shorter nose (though not high enough for show quality).   He’s playful and loves to play with toys that dangle in front of him, or small balls.

He is up to date on all his shots, completely litter-trained, and will already be neutered (but not declawed) when he leaves our home.   He will be sold with his CFA registration papers, and will be available for adoption any time after December 4, 2010.  Deposits can be made before then, to hold him for your family.

You can view more photos of Snoopy below.   Our camera cord broke, so I can’t get recent photos from the camera to the computer, but we will try to update these photos soon.

Snoopy photos taken at 7 weeks old.


Snoopy photos taken at 4 months old.

Snoopy at 4 months, climbing dining room chair.
Snoopy sleeping, at 4 months.

If you’re interested in more information about purchasing Snoopy, just email us.

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