2009 ElCloud Kittens

Our 2009 Babies

Sweetie’s kittens from March 2009

Brother and Sister Together!  ElCloud Persian Kittens For Sale, $325 each.  April 2009.

Black Female, Red Male out of Max and Sweetie - April 2009.

He looks so innocent.

Red male from Sweetie, April 2009

She can look as innocent as he can!

Black Female from Sweetie, April 2009

Melody’s kittens, June 2009

Tortie female Persian, 8 weeks old!

Tortie female Persian out of Max and Melody, 2009.

Male kitten posing for the camera.

Black Male kitten out of Melody, 2009

Her tortie coloring is becoming more noticeable as she grows larger.

Tortie female kitten out of Melody, 2009

Dreamy’s kittens, October 2009


4 kittens in a basket. Black female, tortie female, red-white male, black-white male. Out of Dreamy, 2009.

sage and pumpkin

Red-white and Black-white bi-color male kittens out of Dreamy, 2009.


Black female kitten out of Dreamy, 2009.

Joy’s kittens, November 2009

Joy's Ebony

Ebony, Joy's black female kitten. 2009


Soot, black male flat-faced Persian kitten out of Joy, 2009

Coal in chair again

Coal, Joy's other black male kitten, 2009.

Sweetie’s kittens, December 2009

Sweetie's babies

Sweetie's 2 week old Persian kittens. December 2009.


Frankincense, red male Persian. 2009

Frank, our red King stud, testing out the baby's bassinet.

Want to see more photos?

You can view more photos of our previous kittens, including candid action shots, in the Previous Kittens category of our website.


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