No kittens currently available

Yesterday Mistletoe went home to a new cattery.  So we no longer have any kittens for sale.  Frankincense is now the lone kitten from last Fall.

We do have two orphan boys of Dreamy’s that we’re hand-feeding, but they aren’t available for sale at this time.

None of our females are currently pregnant, but we will update when we are expecting new litters, or when we are ready to sell Dreamy’s boys.


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Welcome To ElCloud Cattery

We’re glad you stopped by our website!  We are a small family cattery in rural Kansas, raising extreme flat-faced CFA registered Persians.  ElCloud Cattery is cageless (except for times when it is needed for health reasons), and our kittens are raised underfoot.  Our cats are our pets, living in our home as part of our family.  Our kittens are well-socialized when they leave our home:   with adults, children of all ages, other cats, and a medium sized dog.

I’ve been told that this website is confusing for some people to navigate, so I wanted to explain some things.  This website is actually a blog.  A blog (web log)  is an online journal.  New posts are at the top, and older posts are at the bottom, and on previous pages.   But every single post has a category, so they can be found more easily.

The categories can be found in the left sidebar, under the photo of 2 kittens.  If you click  on Available Kittens, for instance, you’ll see posts related to any kittens we are currently selling.  Previous kittens will show you posts and pictures of kittens we’ve sold in the past.   ElCloud Queens and Studs will show you pictures and posts about the adult cats we breed.   In each of these categories, the newest posts are at the top, and the older posts are at the bottom.

If you’re in a category, and want to return to the main page, just click on the Home tab at the top.  It will take you back to the front, with all blog posts showing again.

We have also added page tabs to the top of our website, with pertinent information on cats we have for sale, how to contact us, etc.

I hope that helps you understand how to find what you’re looking for in our website.  I do use it as a journal, and sometimes I just post a chatty update on our cats and the cattery.  So if you are here and the top posts are just chattiness, that is why.

Thanks for taking the time to better understand how to find your way around our website.


ElCloud Cattery

A difficult week for ElCloud Cattery

Dreamy gave birth to kittens 2 weeks ago, but it was a long and difficult delivery.  We had to take her to the vet for a c-section to deliver her final 2 stillborn kittens.  When we brought her home, she had no interest in nursing her surviving kittens, so we’ve been bottle-feeding them from the beginning.

We’ve never had a cat need a c-section before, so the recovery process was all new to us.  We weren’t sure what to expect for a recovery period, but when a week had gone by and she still wasn’t herself, we called the vet.  We started giving her some high calorie food supplements to try to perk up her appetite, but over the weekend she didn’t seem to improve.

Monday we took her to the vet.  We left her there so he could observe her, give her some sub-q fluids, more antibiotics, and try to get her eating normally again.  Unfortunately, she died overnight.  In some ways, it was a surprise, but in other ways it wasn’t.  We knew she had grown weaker over the weekend.

We are all sad to have lost Dreamy.  She was such a sweet and beautiful cat, and a good mother.   Her kittens from last year went out to four families, who are being blessed by their sweet personalities, as well.


Goodbye, Dreamy! You will be missed.


ElCloud Cattery

Soot and Coal

Soot and Coal have gone to their new home tonight.  It feels weird to have only 2 kittens in the house now.
ElCloud Cattery

Kittens are almost all gone

This past weekend, Sweetie’s Holly went home with her new family.   Tomorrow Joy’s Soot and Coal are going home to their new family.  That will only leave Sweetie’s Mistletoe for sale, since Frankincense is staying here with us.

Melody settled into her new home well, and she is staying where she is.  She’s enjoying her new, quieter home.  It’s time for us to decide whether to retire Sweetie now, or later.  We’ll post more about that once we have a decision.

Today was bath day for the cats and kittens again.  They’re not real happy with me right now, but they’re clean!  Once they all dry, the brushing will begin.  They might forgive me then, unless I find too many tangles.

We had the windows open this weekend, and the cats enjoyed the fresh air as much as we did.  Soon they’ll all be laying around on window sills, enjoying the fresh breezes and watching the birds outside.


ElCloud Cattery

You know you’re a cageless cattery when …

You know you’re a cageless cattery when you hear this on a daily basis …

“Yeeeee-ooooww!! ”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, baby.  I didn’t mean to step on you.  Are you okay?”

Sunday morning, I stepped on Holly’s foot wearing my dress shoes.  Poor kitten!  She’s fine, but I felt bad.

This morning, I stepped on Mistletoe’s foot, but at least I was barefoot.

Gives a whole new meaning to the term “raised underfoot”.    These kittens are definitely raised underfoot.


ElCloud Cattery

Bath time, Kittens, and Progress!

Yesterday was bath day for all the cats in our home.  We bathed all 7 kittens and 5 adults, yesterday.  After they air-dried in the cozy kitchen with the heat turned up, we brushed them all.  Some of the younger kittens were very easy to brush, but the adults and the oldest kittens had a few more knots to work out.   We set up an assembly line, and my oldest two daughters helped me with the process.

I’ve always dreaded bathing our male cat, Max, because he fights it so badly and is so strong.  But he was a doll yesterday and very easy to work with.  We’d saved him for last, and then it wasn’t a problem at all.  I figured out why — I didn’t fill the sink.  Usually I place him in a half full sink or tub, and he fights so bad to get out.  This time I just worked with running water instead of placing him into standing water.  He handled it much better!

Dreamy’s last two kittens will be leaving this week.  Sage is going home with a family today!  There are children looking forward to his snuggles and purrs, and he’s going to love it!   Pumpkin will be leaving this weekend, going to another small family cattery.   He’ll enjoy the children in that home, too.

I need to update our ads around the internet, since all that will remain available are black kittens.  Soot and Coal need a photo taken together for the ads.  They are handsome guys, even if their black coats aren’t as flashy as Sage and Pumpkin’s bi-color coats.   Later we will have two black female kittens available, but not quite yet.

Speaking of the black female kittens.  They are Sweetie’s babies, and one of them was NOT using the litter box.  At all!!  No matter how many times I put her in it,  she refused to use it.  We’d never had a kitten reach 8 weeks and not be litter-trained, but that was where we were headed with her.  She turns 8 weeks this week.  I finally decided to place her in a room alone (the bathroom) with a clean litter box of her own, to see if the problem was just a refusal to share with others.  That worked!  She’s using the litter box now, but she’s lonely in there.  We send her Mom in with her from time to time.

In a few days, once we feel she has the litter box use down, we’ll try putting her back with the others and see if she’ll share a litter box then.  If not, she’ll need to go to a home with no other cats, so she won’t have to share a litter box.  I’m just thankful we figured out what the problem was.  Progress is good.

I am mailing in Sweetie’s litter registration today for Holly, Mistletoe, and Frankincense.  It’s a little late, but we were delaying because we plan to keep Frankincense for future breeding.  We wanted to register HIM completely on this litter registration, and needed to choose a name for him.

We like to name our cats from hymns, when we can.  Sweetie is really ‘Tis So Sweet, although a breeder friend named her that before she came to us.  We followed the pattern, and named her daughter Rings A Melody — Melody for short.  Joy came to us this summer, and we named her Joy Divine.  Some are hymn titles, and some are just phrases from hymns.  I had compiled a list of possibilities for Frankincense, but needed to choose with the family.

In the end, though, we couldn’t really find the perfect name.  We ended up leaving Frankincense as his first name choice.  I guess we’ll call him Frank as he grows up.  It is referred to in some Christmas carols, but it isn’t quite as majestic as some of the girls’ names we’ve chosen in the past.  We did find a second name choice from a hymn, so we’ll see what he gets to be.  Even if he does get renamed to the second choice, I have a feeling we’ll still call him Frankincense quite a bit.

Our three year old really loves the orange kittens.  She would pick up Pumpkin or Frankincense most often.  She used to cry when we sold a kitten, but she’s adjusting to it now.  I think it helps for her to know that we’ll be keeping Frankincense.  She often picks him up and tells him how he gets to stay here.   The other day she told one of his sisters that we weren’t keeping her … we were going to sell her and eat pizza.  The mind of a three year old can be funny.

I have photos I need to take this week for ads, and I’ll try to update the blog with more photos when I do.


ElCloud Cattery