Male Persian kitten for sale!



Is this just what your family needs for Christmas?  What name would your family choose for this affectionate and playful kitten?

Snoopy, black and white bi-color male Persian.
$250.00, already neutered.

Snoopy is available for sale, for $250.00.  Snoopy is a playful and affectionate 8 month old kitten.  He is a black and white bi-color male Persian.  His mother was Dreamy and his father was Max.  He was hand-fed from birth as a kitten,  since Dreamy died from complications following a c-section.

Snoopy often settles down beside us on the couch, rubs our ankles, or rests on the back of the loveseat above our heads.  He is currently 7.5 lbs, but is probably not finished growing yet.  He has the stocky Persian build, and a shorter nose (though not high enough for show quality).   He’s playful and loves to play with toys that dangle in front of him, or small balls.

He is up to date on all his shots, completely litter-trained, and will already be neutered (but not declawed) when he leaves our home.   He will be sold with his CFA registration papers, and will be available for adoption any time after December 4, 2010.  Deposits can be made before then, to hold him for your family.

You can view more photos of Snoopy below.   Our camera cord broke, so I can’t get recent photos from the camera to the computer, but we will try to update these photos soon.

Snoopy photos taken at 7 weeks old.


Snoopy photos taken at 4 months old.

Snoopy at 4 months, climbing dining room chair.
Snoopy sleeping, at 4 months.

If you’re interested in more information about purchasing Snoopy, just email us.

ElCloud Cattery


It’s past time for an ElCloud Cattery update

Sweetie’s kittens are 8 weeks old and very healthy.   They’ve had their first shots already and now are free to roam the whole house.  They were a breeze to litter train, and they haven’t had any accidents at all.

I’m sorry we haven’t posted any pictures.  The week after they were born, our own baby arrived (a little early), so we’ve been very busy.  We will try to get pictures posted very soon.

I discovered last week that I was wrong about the gender of one of the cats when they were first born.  They are both female:  one tortoiseshell, and one black.
We also still have Snoopy available.  He’s now 8 months old, and needs to be neutered.  We’ll be updating his pictures and prices soon,  as well as working harder to advertise him.

This is a busy season in our home, with the approaching holidays, and it’s only made busier with the addition of our baby.  So please have patience with us!

ElCloud Cattery

Sweetie’s new kittens

Early Monday morning (9/6/10), Sweetie gave birth to two little kittens.   The first was a tortoiseshell female who was breech, and needed to be pulled out.  The second was a black male kitten.

Both seem to be doing well, gaining weight, and hopefully will be ready for new homes sometime in November.

We’ll try to post photos soon.

ElCloud Cattery

Dreamy’s Orphan Boys

Dreamy’s boys are 7 weeks old today.  We’ve transitioned them from bottle feeding to eating from bowls, though they still are eating softened kitten chow.

Last night I took their first ever photos, though I wish I’d used a royal blue blanket behind them instead of the navy blue.  I need to find my royal blue blanket, because the black kittens show up so nicely against royal blue.

These two are still not ready to go to new homes, but we wanted to post their photos.

Snoopy — black and white bicolor male Persian, 7 weeks


Snoopy, male bicolor Persian, 7 weeks.


Snoopy in the corner of the couch.


Snoopy (7 weeks)

Linus — black male Persian, 7 weeks


Linus, black male Persian, 7 weeks old. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!


Linus, looking a little gray in the flash. He's not this light. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!


Trying to get Linus to look at the camera. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!

We’ll update as they continue to grow, and approach sale readiness.  I need to mail in their CFA registration paperwork today.


ElCloud Cattery

For Sale: 2 year old Tortoiseshell Persian

ElCloud Rings A Melody (called Melody) was born in August of 2007.  She’s a tortoiseshell Persian with a dark black background and patches of red here and there.  She is a beautiful flat-faced Persian.

Melody blinking

Melody's beautiful face, although we could NOT get a photo with her eyes fully open.

Melody’s  parents’ pedigrees can be viewed at  Some of the lines in her pedigree include Airlia, Prideomine, Kitty Charm, and Charmyr on her Mom’s side.  Her father’s lines include Worthwhile, Smoky Ridge, HighlandKatz, and Cattabury.  Although neither she nor her parents have been shown, there are Champions and Grand Champions in their bloodline.

We kept Melody to be a replacement for her mother as a breeding cat.  We love her, and have raised her as our pet all along.  But, with the addition of new cats this year, we’ve had to make a choice.  Melody doesn’t care for the new cats.  She prefers to spend much of her time in the bedroom with Max, away from the other cats.

Our oldest daughter isn’t happy with us, but we’ve decided that Melody would do better in a smaller cattery.  We’re also looking to retire her Mom Sweetie this year (most likely in the home) and her Dad Max in another year or so.  Although we bred Melody to Max this year, it isn’t ideal.  We’re thinking of keeping Frankincense to become our new male, and we do not want to breed Melody to him since they have the same parents.


Melody supervising the hallway, the traffic center of the home.

So, we’re looking for a small family cattery who would like to have a tortoiseshell Persian.  Melody had a litter of 5 kittens this year (2 tortie, 3 black), although one was a runt that did not survive.  She was a good Mama to the other 4 kittens, though.

Melody 4 months

Melody at 4 months, resting in an interesting nook.

We are asking $350.00 for her, with breeding rights.  If we can not find a small cattery (without too many cats) for her, we will consider spaying her and selling her as a pet.

If you’re interested in our Melody, please contact us at elcloudcattery *at* gmail (dot) com.

UPDATE: Melody has gone to a new cattery home!

ElCloud Cattery

We’re having a Kitten Sale!

We’ve never done this before, but we have 9 kittens running around, racing across our laps, taking over whatever paper we may be reading,  and tripping us when we walk.   It’s time to find them some new homes, where they can be spoiled rotten!

bi-color male Persian kittens

BOTH SOLD!! Bi-color Male Persians, Sage and Pumpkin. BOTH SOLD!!

Instead of $325, we are selling Dreamy and Joy’s kittens for $275 each.  They are CFA registered, and they will come with their registration papers.

Dreamy’s kittens are 13 weeks old, and have had both sets of kitten shots.  They are Sage, Pumpkin, and Thyme.

  1. Sage is the black/white bi-color male.   SOLD!!
  2. Pumpkin is the red/white bi-color male.  SOLD!!
  3. Thyme is a black female with a gray belly.   SOLD!!

Joy’s kittens are 10 weeks old, and have had their first set of kitten shots.  All three of them are solid black.

  1. Soot is a black male Persian (Himilayan mother).  SOLD!!
  2. Coal is a black male Persian (Himilayan mother).  SOLD!!
  3. Ebony is a black female Persian.  SOLD!!

All of the kittens have deep copper eyes and flat faces.   If you scroll down to previous entries,  you can see pictures of them.  We need to take new photos, since it has been four weeks since those were taken.

$100 deposit will hold a kitten.  Please remember that we are in Kansas and we have never shipped a kitten unaccompanied.  We recently researched that and found that most airlines will not accept pets as cargo when the temperature is under 45 degrees, which makes it hard to ship from Kansas in winter.

These are loving and fun kittens,  adjusted to children, and a 50 lb. dog.  They are well-socialized and friendly.

Please ask us about breeding rights, if you are interested in them.  Contact us at elcloudcattery (at) gmail *dot* com if you have any questions or are interested in one of the kittens.

Thank you!

ElCloud Cattery

Kansas in her new home

Last weekend, Rosemary went home to her new family.  She’s now called Kansas.  Lindsey sent some pretty photos of Kansas in her new home last week.

Kansas Christmas present

Kansas under the Christmas tree ... a pretty present for Lindsey's family.

Kansas and tree

Kansas exploring the Christmas tree.

Kansas at home

Kansas looking quite comfortable in her new home.

If you’ve bought an ElCloud kitten in the past, and would like to share photos of your kitten with us, we’d love to post them here, as well.


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