For Sale: 2 year old Tortoiseshell Persian

ElCloud Rings A Melody (called Melody) was born in August of 2007.  She’s a tortoiseshell Persian with a dark black background and patches of red here and there.  She is a beautiful flat-faced Persian.

Melody blinking

Melody's beautiful face, although we could NOT get a photo with her eyes fully open.

Melody’s  parents’ pedigrees can be viewed at  Some of the lines in her pedigree include Airlia, Prideomine, Kitty Charm, and Charmyr on her Mom’s side.  Her father’s lines include Worthwhile, Smoky Ridge, HighlandKatz, and Cattabury.  Although neither she nor her parents have been shown, there are Champions and Grand Champions in their bloodline.

We kept Melody to be a replacement for her mother as a breeding cat.  We love her, and have raised her as our pet all along.  But, with the addition of new cats this year, we’ve had to make a choice.  Melody doesn’t care for the new cats.  She prefers to spend much of her time in the bedroom with Max, away from the other cats.

Our oldest daughter isn’t happy with us, but we’ve decided that Melody would do better in a smaller cattery.  We’re also looking to retire her Mom Sweetie this year (most likely in the home) and her Dad Max in another year or so.  Although we bred Melody to Max this year, it isn’t ideal.  We’re thinking of keeping Frankincense to become our new male, and we do not want to breed Melody to him since they have the same parents.


Melody supervising the hallway, the traffic center of the home.

So, we’re looking for a small family cattery who would like to have a tortoiseshell Persian.  Melody had a litter of 5 kittens this year (2 tortie, 3 black), although one was a runt that did not survive.  She was a good Mama to the other 4 kittens, though.

Melody 4 months

Melody at 4 months, resting in an interesting nook.

We are asking $350.00 for her, with breeding rights.  If we can not find a small cattery (without too many cats) for her, we will consider spaying her and selling her as a pet.

If you’re interested in our Melody, please contact us at elcloudcattery *at* gmail (dot) com.

UPDATE: Melody has gone to a new cattery home!

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