Snoopy has sold!

Today Snoopy went home with a new family, to take his place under their Christmas tree.   We no longer have any kittens in the home, and are not currently expecting any litters.


King Frank is a year old now, and we hope he serves as well as his Dad did for our stud male.  Queen Sweetie is retired, and will not be having more litters.  We need to have her spayed after Christmas.   Queen Patches will be the new mama cat around here, if she and King Frank get along.


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Male Persian kitten for sale!



Is this just what your family needs for Christmas?  What name would your family choose for this affectionate and playful kitten?

Snoopy, black and white bi-color male Persian.
$250.00, already neutered.

Snoopy is available for sale, for $250.00.  Snoopy is a playful and affectionate 8 month old kitten.  He is a black and white bi-color male Persian.  His mother was Dreamy and his father was Max.  He was hand-fed from birth as a kitten,  since Dreamy died from complications following a c-section.

Snoopy often settles down beside us on the couch, rubs our ankles, or rests on the back of the loveseat above our heads.  He is currently 7.5 lbs, but is probably not finished growing yet.  He has the stocky Persian build, and a shorter nose (though not high enough for show quality).   He’s playful and loves to play with toys that dangle in front of him, or small balls.

He is up to date on all his shots, completely litter-trained, and will already be neutered (but not declawed) when he leaves our home.   He will be sold with his CFA registration papers, and will be available for adoption any time after December 4, 2010.  Deposits can be made before then, to hold him for your family.

You can view more photos of Snoopy below.   Our camera cord broke, so I can’t get recent photos from the camera to the computer, but we will try to update these photos soon.

Snoopy photos taken at 7 weeks old.


Snoopy photos taken at 4 months old.

Snoopy at 4 months, climbing dining room chair.
Snoopy sleeping, at 4 months.

If you’re interested in more information about purchasing Snoopy, just email us.

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Changing of the Guard

Yesterday we said Goodbye to Max, our stud male, and both of Sweetie’s little girls.  Max and the kittens went to a different breeder, Heather of  Worthwhile Persians.


Actually,  Heather used to own Max’s Grandpa, and she raised his Dad.  She’s thrilled to welcome Max home to her cattery, and to restore his lines in her breeding program.  She’s also added 3 of his daughters to her breeding program, to breed to her other males.


What does that leave us?  Frankincense — Max’s red son.    His first birthday is coming up in early December, and we hope he’ll breed for us come Spring.   At the moment, we only have Patches to breed him to, but we hope to gain some unrelated females next year.  I keep telling him, “Now, you’re the man in charge, Frank.”  He seems to like that news, though he’s looking at Snoopy from the corner of his eye, hoping that he leaves soon.


Sweetie has been an awesome queen in our cattery, but it’s time for her to resign and become the Queen Mum.  We’ll spay her and plan to keep her, because we are all attached to her.  She’s been a wonderful mother cat, caring for her kittens, and teaching them well.   But at 8.5 years old, we don’t think it’s wise for her to have any more litters.


I took some pictures of Sweetie’s kittens before they left, but our digital camera cord broke and the computer won’t read the SD card for me.  So we’ll have to get a new cord before I can post their pictures, as well as an updated photo of our new Stud King, Frank.


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Dreamy’s Orphan Boys

Dreamy’s boys are 7 weeks old today.  We’ve transitioned them from bottle feeding to eating from bowls, though they still are eating softened kitten chow.

Last night I took their first ever photos, though I wish I’d used a royal blue blanket behind them instead of the navy blue.  I need to find my royal blue blanket, because the black kittens show up so nicely against royal blue.

These two are still not ready to go to new homes, but we wanted to post their photos.

Snoopy — black and white bicolor male Persian, 7 weeks


Snoopy, male bicolor Persian, 7 weeks.


Snoopy in the corner of the couch.


Snoopy (7 weeks)

Linus — black male Persian, 7 weeks


Linus, black male Persian, 7 weeks old. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!


Linus, looking a little gray in the flash. He's not this light. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!


Trying to get Linus to look at the camera. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!

We’ll update as they continue to grow, and approach sale readiness.  I need to mail in their CFA registration paperwork today.


ElCloud Cattery

ElCloud Cattery is Under Construction!!

Yes, you’ve come to the right website, but we are working on some changes to make it more user-friendly!  We are adding page tabs to the top of the website, to help you find information more easily.  We have a few pages left to develop, with photos of our adults and previous kittens.  Have patience with us!


ElCloud Cattery

No kittens currently available

Yesterday Mistletoe went home to a new cattery.  So we no longer have any kittens for sale.  Frankincense is now the lone kitten from last Fall.

We do have two orphan boys of Dreamy’s that we’re hand-feeding, but they aren’t available for sale at this time.

None of our females are currently pregnant, but we will update when we are expecting new litters, or when we are ready to sell Dreamy’s boys.


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A difficult week for ElCloud Cattery

Dreamy gave birth to kittens 2 weeks ago, but it was a long and difficult delivery.  We had to take her to the vet for a c-section to deliver her final 2 stillborn kittens.  When we brought her home, she had no interest in nursing her surviving kittens, so we’ve been bottle-feeding them from the beginning.

We’ve never had a cat need a c-section before, so the recovery process was all new to us.  We weren’t sure what to expect for a recovery period, but when a week had gone by and she still wasn’t herself, we called the vet.  We started giving her some high calorie food supplements to try to perk up her appetite, but over the weekend she didn’t seem to improve.

Monday we took her to the vet.  We left her there so he could observe her, give her some sub-q fluids, more antibiotics, and try to get her eating normally again.  Unfortunately, she died overnight.  In some ways, it was a surprise, but in other ways it wasn’t.  We knew she had grown weaker over the weekend.

We are all sad to have lost Dreamy.  She was such a sweet and beautiful cat, and a good mother.   Her kittens from last year went out to four families, who are being blessed by their sweet personalities, as well.


Goodbye, Dreamy! You will be missed.


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