Changing of the Guard

Yesterday we said Goodbye to Max, our stud male, and both of Sweetie’s little girls.  Max and the kittens went to a different breeder, Heather of  Worthwhile Persians.


Actually,  Heather used to own Max’s Grandpa, and she raised his Dad.  She’s thrilled to welcome Max home to her cattery, and to restore his lines in her breeding program.  She’s also added 3 of his daughters to her breeding program, to breed to her other males.


What does that leave us?  Frankincense — Max’s red son.    His first birthday is coming up in early December, and we hope he’ll breed for us come Spring.   At the moment, we only have Patches to breed him to, but we hope to gain some unrelated females next year.  I keep telling him, “Now, you’re the man in charge, Frank.”  He seems to like that news, though he’s looking at Snoopy from the corner of his eye, hoping that he leaves soon.


Sweetie has been an awesome queen in our cattery, but it’s time for her to resign and become the Queen Mum.  We’ll spay her and plan to keep her, because we are all attached to her.  She’s been a wonderful mother cat, caring for her kittens, and teaching them well.   But at 8.5 years old, we don’t think it’s wise for her to have any more litters.


I took some pictures of Sweetie’s kittens before they left, but our digital camera cord broke and the computer won’t read the SD card for me.  So we’ll have to get a new cord before I can post their pictures, as well as an updated photo of our new Stud King, Frank.


ElCloud Cattery


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