It’s past time for an ElCloud Cattery update

Sweetie’s kittens are 8 weeks old and very healthy.   They’ve had their first shots already and now are free to roam the whole house.  They were a breeze to litter train, and they haven’t had any accidents at all.

I’m sorry we haven’t posted any pictures.  The week after they were born, our own baby arrived (a little early), so we’ve been very busy.  We will try to get pictures posted very soon.

I discovered last week that I was wrong about the gender of one of the cats when they were first born.  They are both female:  one tortoiseshell, and one black.
We also still have Snoopy available.  He’s now 8 months old, and needs to be neutered.  We’ll be updating his pictures and prices soon,  as well as working harder to advertise him.

This is a busy season in our home, with the approaching holidays, and it’s only made busier with the addition of our baby.  So please have patience with us!

ElCloud Cattery


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