Dreamy’s Orphan Boys

Dreamy’s boys are 7 weeks old today.  We’ve transitioned them from bottle feeding to eating from bowls, though they still are eating softened kitten chow.

Last night I took their first ever photos, though I wish I’d used a royal blue blanket behind them instead of the navy blue.  I need to find my royal blue blanket, because the black kittens show up so nicely against royal blue.

These two are still not ready to go to new homes, but we wanted to post their photos.

Snoopy — black and white bicolor male Persian, 7 weeks


Snoopy, male bicolor Persian, 7 weeks.


Snoopy in the corner of the couch.


Snoopy (7 weeks)

Linus — black male Persian, 7 weeks


Linus, black male Persian, 7 weeks old. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!


Linus, looking a little gray in the flash. He's not this light. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!


Trying to get Linus to look at the camera. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!

We’ll update as they continue to grow, and approach sale readiness.  I need to mail in their CFA registration paperwork today.


ElCloud Cattery


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