Welcome To ElCloud Cattery

We’re glad you stopped by our website!  We are a small family cattery in rural Kansas, raising extreme flat-faced CFA registered Persians.  ElCloud Cattery is cageless (except for times when it is needed for health reasons), and our kittens are raised underfoot.  Our cats are our pets, living in our home as part of our family.  Our kittens are well-socialized when they leave our home:   with adults, children of all ages, other cats, and a medium sized dog.

I’ve been told that this website is confusing for some people to navigate, so I wanted to explain some things.  This website is actually a blog.  A blog (web log)  is an online journal.  New posts are at the top, and older posts are at the bottom, and on previous pages.   But every single post has a category, so they can be found more easily.

The categories can be found in the left sidebar, under the photo of 2 kittens.  If you click  on Available Kittens, for instance, you’ll see posts related to any kittens we are currently selling.  Previous kittens will show you posts and pictures of kittens we’ve sold in the past.   ElCloud Queens and Studs will show you pictures and posts about the adult cats we breed.   In each of these categories, the newest posts are at the top, and the older posts are at the bottom.

If you’re in a category, and want to return to the main page, just click on the Home tab at the top.  It will take you back to the front, with all blog posts showing again.

We have also added page tabs to the top of our website, with pertinent information on cats we have for sale, how to contact us, etc.

I hope that helps you understand how to find what you’re looking for in our website.  I do use it as a journal, and sometimes I just post a chatty update on our cats and the cattery.  So if you are here and the top posts are just chattiness, that is why.

Thanks for taking the time to better understand how to find your way around our website.


ElCloud Cattery


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