We’re having a Kitten Sale!

We’ve never done this before, but we have 9 kittens running around, racing across our laps, taking over whatever paper we may be reading,  and tripping us when we walk.   It’s time to find them some new homes, where they can be spoiled rotten!

bi-color male Persian kittens

BOTH SOLD!! Bi-color Male Persians, Sage and Pumpkin. BOTH SOLD!!

Instead of $325, we are selling Dreamy and Joy’s kittens for $275 each.  They are CFA registered, and they will come with their registration papers.

Dreamy’s kittens are 13 weeks old, and have had both sets of kitten shots.  They are Sage, Pumpkin, and Thyme.

  1. Sage is the black/white bi-color male.   SOLD!!
  2. Pumpkin is the red/white bi-color male.  SOLD!!
  3. Thyme is a black female with a gray belly.   SOLD!!

Joy’s kittens are 10 weeks old, and have had their first set of kitten shots.  All three of them are solid black.

  1. Soot is a black male Persian (Himilayan mother).  SOLD!!
  2. Coal is a black male Persian (Himilayan mother).  SOLD!!
  3. Ebony is a black female Persian.  SOLD!!

All of the kittens have deep copper eyes and flat faces.   If you scroll down to previous entries,  you can see pictures of them.  We need to take new photos, since it has been four weeks since those were taken.

$100 deposit will hold a kitten.  Please remember that we are in Kansas and we have never shipped a kitten unaccompanied.  We recently researched that and found that most airlines will not accept pets as cargo when the temperature is under 45 degrees, which makes it hard to ship from Kansas in winter.

These are loving and fun kittens,  adjusted to children, and a 50 lb. dog.  They are well-socialized and friendly.

Please ask us about breeding rights, if you are interested in them.  Contact us at elcloudcattery (at) gmail *dot* com if you have any questions or are interested in one of the kittens.

Thank you!

ElCloud Cattery


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