January update on ElCloud Cattery

We have Dreamy’s and Joy’s kittens wandering the house freely now.  It’s fun to have 6 kittens tearing around the living room, playing with each other, and napping on the back of the couch.  Both litters are still nursing at times, but also eating plenty of kitten food, drinking water, and using the litter box.

Dreamy’s 12.5 week kittens

Sage (black/white bi-color male Persian) is a loving guy.  All you have to do is pick him up, and he starts to purr.  Last week he began to seek us out for attention, rubbing our leg and climbing into our laps.  We took his litter mates in to get their 12 week shots on Thursday, but he missed out because we could NOT find where he was sleeping.  We’ll have to get him in this week for his shots.

Pumpkin is on HOLD (red/white bi-color male Persian) enjoys being cuddled, too, but he’s often busy chasing one of the other kittens.  He has a loud purr like Sage, though.    He checked out fine at the vet this week when he got his second set of kitten shots.  He weighed 2.5 lbs, and I’m sure Sage is about the same size.

Thyme has SOLD (black female Persian) is more petite than her brothers.  She only weighed 1.5 lbs at the vet.  Her tummy is still quite gray, although I don’t know if her adult fur will have the gray belly.  She is a sweetie that is a little more laid-back than her brothers.  She doesn’t run around quite as much, but she can hold her own against them when they want to wrestle with her.

Joy’s 9.5 week old kittens

Joy’s black triplets are doing well.  They climb over the baby gate into the living room, and back into the kitchen when they need to use the litter box … most of the time.  One of them (not sure which) sometimes decides that the gate is just too much trouble to climb over and finds alternate spots to take care of  “business”.  Thankfully it’s not too often.

Ebony ( SOLD) is the lone female in this litter, with brothers Coal and Soot.   We tried to choose names that would represent their solid black coloring.  They are always chasing after their older cousins, climbing onto the couches, and exploring the house.  Their fur isn’t as long and fluffy as Dreamy’s kittens, and I’m not sure if it’s because they are half Himalayan, or simply because they’re younger.

We’ll be placing ads to sell these 6 later this week.  If you’re interested in any of them (see pictures in previous entries) you can email us at elcloudcattery *at* gmail (dot) com to discuss prices and payment options.  A $100 deposit will hold a kitten.


ElCloud Cattery


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