More kitten pictures from last week …

Last week we took a few photos of Joy’s 6 week old kittens, and Thyme again.    This time we put them in a dark-colored recliner we have.   Joy’s kittens were still a little camera-shy, but they did cooperate (for the most part).

First, Joy’s black female kitten — Ebony   (SOLD).

Joy's Ebony

Ebony, Joy's black female kitten. SOLD!


Ebony is SOLD

Second, we have Joy’s kitten — Soot. Black male Persian.  We placed a white dot just above his tail on his back, to be able to tell him apart.


Joy's male kitten, Soot.


Soot lying down.


Soot, black male flat-faced Persian kitten.

And now … we have photos of Joy’s other male kitten,  Coal. We placed a white dot on his head to tell him apart from Soot and Ebony.   These pictures also show some humorous examples of why taking photos of the kittens can be difficult at times.

Coal suspicious

Coal, looking rather suspicious ... or perhaps ticked off?

Coal shocked

Immediately after the suspicious photo (actually several suspicious photos) we got this one of Coal looking quite shocked!!

So today we took two better photos of Coal, trying to get a normal facial expression.

Coal being held

Tiny Coal, being held by me.

Coal in chair again

We put Coal back in the chair, and then he didn't want to look at us. But here is one shot of him looking over his shoulder, with a normal facial expression.

And last of all, a photo of Thyme — Dreamy’s black female kitten (9 weeks). Here is another example of photo difficulty.  The photos we took last week had a lighting problem.  The flash made her look much more gray than she really is.  Her belly is gray, but her face is not really that gray.   SOLD!!


Thyme, looking more gray than she should. SOLD


An older photo of Thyme, which shows that her face is not really gray. SOLD

We hope you enjoyed the updated photos of our kittens.  I just had to include the weird shots of Coal because they were too funny not to post.

ElCloud Cattery


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