Sweetie’s kittens arrived yesterday

It was a snowy day yesterday, but Sweetie felt warm and secure inside.  I realized she was in labor late afternoon, so I skipped bowling with my kids and husband to stay home and midwife.  Unfortunately, she labored the whole time they were gone, but didn’t actually deliver her first kitten until they’d been home for 30-40 minutes.

Her previous litter this Spring was her largest, and she had a breech kitten that presented feet first and I didn’t notice that it was there and stuck for quite awhile.  It was the first breech kitten we’d ever had, and I didn’t expect it at all.  That kitten didn’t make it … I believe it didn’t nurse well due to brain damage from its difficult delivery.

But back to THIS litter of kittens.  She first delivered a black female kitten, weighing 90 grams.  We decided to use a Christmas theme for their temporary names, and named her Holly.

The second kitten was red and breech.  Thankfully it presented tail first, and was halfway out, not just tiny feet.  I did have to help pull the kitten, as it got stuck at its front shoulders.  He’s a large male at 105 grams.  We  named him Frankincense.

The final kitten was another black female, also weighing 90 grams.  We named her Mistletoe.  To tell her apart from her sister, we put a dot of white-out on Holly’s head.

Holly 90 gram black female kitten (has white dot on head)

Frankincense 105 gram red male kitten

Mistletoe 90 gram black female kitten

I’m thankful that Sweetie only gave birth to 3 kittens this time.  I know she can nurse 3 kittens, as she has done so before.  We’ll be watching their weight gain carefully, but we’re thankful they were born at healthy weights.

ElCloud Cattery


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