Melody’s boy, Percy, is claimed.

We have been very lax in naming this boy.  We just kept calling him Melody’s boy.  Well, my sister visited this week and named him Percy for us.  He was 5 months old, and definitely in need of a name.  Shortly after that, the family who bought his sister, Charity, told us they wanted to bring him home, too.  So Percy will be joining Charity in a few weeks.

I’ve had 3 contacts inquiring about Pumpkin, and 1 about Sage, today.  That was a surprise as we haven’t actually placed any ads for them yet.  We’ll  keep you posted as these boys are put on hold.   (Dreamy’s four remaining kittens spend their days climbing up the gates to peer into the living room, pouncing each other, and running to hide in corners.  They’re getting better about using the litter box, and are eating dry cat food just fine now.)

And lastly … we finally named Joy’s kittens.  They’re all black, so we gave them suitable names.  The largest boy is Coal, the next largest boy is Soot, and the girl is Ebony.  I know I still need to post new pictures of them, but am not sure how fast I can get that done.  They are 4 weeks old now, and have just started roaming the kitchen.  They’ve been released from their nursing box, and are having fun tagging around after Dreamy’s kittens.

Just a short update on the kittens, even though I said I wouldn’t be posting many.   And of course, the names we use for the kittens in our home are only temporary.  Buyers can rename the kittens whatever they want, and register them with their chosen name.


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