Dreamy’s Kittens On The Prowl

They’re exploring the kitchen, and tackling each other now.  It took me a few days to get a photo of Sage to add.  He seemed to be napping or eating when his litter mates were playing.  When he was playing, I was busy.  But here they are.

Rosemary (ON HOLD) is taking a look at the heater in the corner.

Rosemary (SOLD) is taking a look at the heater in the corner.

Rosemary and Dreamy

Dreamy is watching over Rosemary as she plays.

Pumpkin at the gate

Pumpkin looking sad that he can't climb over the gate into the living room yet. ON HOLD!!!

Pumpkin at Joy's box

Pumpkin is peeking into Joy's box to see her 3 little kittens. Can they come out to play yet? Rosemary is peeking at Pumpkin. ON HOLD!!

Pumpkin and one of the girls

ON HOLD!!! Pumpkin and one of the girls hiding in the corner by the nice warm heater.

Another gate for Pumpkin

ON HOLD!! Pumpkin blocked by yet another gate!


Thyme is enjoying the warmth of the heater now. SOLD


SOLD!! Rosemary and one of the older kittens, face to face.

Pumpkin and Sage

Pumpkin testing out the litter box, while Sage and an older kitten supervise. No privacy, I tell you!


I give up! Sage wouldn't come out from behind these laundry drying racks, so here he is. And very Dennis the Menace-like, he even has a dirty face from chowing down on the canned cat food. The kittens do like to play here in this corner, with the folded drying racks.

Meal time

Dreamy, Sage and Pumpkin sharing a meal.

Thyme and Rosemary

Thyme and Rosemary weren't quite as excited about the canned cat food, but they're considering it.

These are Dreamy’s 5.5 week old kittens.  They’re so much fun to watch!  Being raised “underfoot” makes it interesting.  They alternate between tackling your shoe laces, and being startled by your presence.  They like to climb into the box with Joy and her kittens for awhile,  and also snuggle up with their Mom (Dreamy) by the heater.  They’re still nursing, but are also eating kitten chow.  They’ll be ready to go home to new homes in January.

We’ll be taking more photos of Joy’s kittens to post soon.  Their eyes are fully open and they are chubby little butterballs.

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