A tisket, a tasket — kittens in a basket!

I took some photos of Dreamy’s kittens last night, at 5 weeks old!


4 kittens in a basket, but only Sage is looking at the camera. (Male Persian black/white bi-color kitten.)


Thyme isn't sure what she thinks about this photo shoot. SOLD (Black female Persian kitten. ) SOLD


ON HOLD Pumpkin isn't shy about the camera. (Male Red/White bi-color Persian kitten.)

Pumpkin again

It's Pumpkin's turn again. (Red/White male bi-color Persian kitten.) ON HOLD

Rosemary -- ON HOLD

Rosemary thinks she's had about enough of this basket. (Tortie female Persian kitten is SOLD!!)

Rosemary gone

Rosemary is out of here! (Tortoiseshell female Persian kitten -- SOLD!)

Photoshoot helper

We had a photo shoot helper, who just couldn't resist the kittens.

These sweeties are scampering around the kitchen, learning to use the litter box, and eating kitten food now.  I’ll have to post more photos soon of their kitchen activities.


ElCloud Cattery


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