Updates from ElCloud Cattery

On Sunday, Dreamy’s tortie kitten, Nutmeg stopped gaining suddenly.  She began to lose weight.  I’ve been feeding her by hand, but she has not yet regained her weight.   Due to this, she is no longer available for sale.


I also updated previous posts to reflect the fact that Rosemary (Dreamy’s other tortie kitten)  is on hold.  We had received a deposit on her last week, but I didn’t update her status here.


Yesterday I re-took  a picture of Thyme, and Joy’s three kittens, which were born last week.   They are all black, and it is harder to get a good photo of their facial features.  I discovered accidentally earlier this year that it helps to put them on a darker background so there is less contrast.  I did that last night and will post the photos soon.


Joy’s kittens were born on Wednesday November 4, and all three are black.  None of them look himilayan, but each resemble their father instead.  There is one girl and two boys.  The girl has a flatter nose than the boys do.  They are gaining well so far, although Joy is trying to care for her kittens and Dreamy’s too.  Because of this, we occasionally have to lock her in with her own kittens to be sure they get plenty of milk.  Their eyes are not yet open.


Pictures to follow …



ElCloud Cattery


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