Photos of Joy’s kittens, and Dreamy’s Thyme

First of all, here are some photos of Dreamy’s Thyme which shows her face much more clearly than the previous pictures I posted.   You can also see how Dreamy’s 4 week old kittens are sitting up now.  Soon they’ll be climbing over the low cardboard wall I place on the front of the kennel that has been their nursery.  Then we’ll put up a baby gate to confine them to the kitchen, close to the litterbox, until they’re using it consistently.

I’ll try to get updated pictures of all Dreamy’s kittens posted soon.  Their eyes are not yet copper, but they are changing.

Thyme  is  SOLD!!


SOLD 4 week old Thyme, black female Persian.


SOLD Thyme, 4 weeks old !!


SOLD Thyme's a little timid still.

Joy’s three kittens, born November 4, 2009.  1 week old.

Joy's 3 kittens

My kids call them the "Three Blind Mice" at the moment. The girl is the one facing the camera.

Male kitten

This is one of the male kittens.

The other male kitten

This is Joy's other male Persian kitten.


I believe this is the female kitten again. I know the photo of the 3 has her facing the camera. I believe this is also her.

We have filed our kitten litter registration on both of these litters, and now we are waiting for our paperwork to come back.  It should be here very soon.


ElCloud Cattery


2 Responses

  1. Where are you located and number we are interested in getting a kitten-persian thank you

    contact at email

  2. I have sent you an email. Thanks for your interest.

    ElCloud Cattery

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