Dreamy’s kittens are here!

They were  born this morning.  She gave birth to six kittens;  four females and two males.  I was with her from early in her labor, playing kitty midwife.

  1. Tortie female, weighing 90 grams.
  2. Tortie female, weighing 80 grams.
  3. Black/White bi-color male, weighing 90 grams.
  4. Black female, weighing 85 grams.
  5. Black/White bi-color female, weighing only 65 grams.
  6. Red/White bi-color male, weighing 95 grams.

There were a few interesting moments in their births, but they’re all here safely.  One was breech and had to be pulled.  One was preceded with a bulging amniotic sac that made it harder for Dreamy to push it out.  One had some staining of the amniotic fluid.   I’m somewhat worried about the small black/white female, and will be watching her closely.  I expect we’ll have to supplement her with kitten formula.

Dreamy has been up to eat and drink, and seek us out for attention.  But she always returns to her kittens soon.   We’ll try to get pictures posted soon.  The bi-colors are so cute since they are new to us!!  We’ve also never had so many female kittens at once.

ElCloud Cattery


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