Two notes about shipping kittens, and taking deposits

At this point, we do not ship our kittens.  I know many breeders do, but we prefer to see a kitten safely handed over to its new owners ourselves.  I receive many emails asking this question, so I decided to address that on our website.

We also do not take deposits on cats that are not yet born.  We do have a waiting list of people to contact (in order on the list) to see if they are interested in the kittens I currently have available.   We do take deposits to hold a kitten until delivery/pick-up, but we do not take advance deposits.  Breeding cats is too uncertain for me to be comfortable doing so.

Persian breeding is our family hobby.  We breed and raise the kittens in our own home, alongside the children we are blessed to raise.    We love each of our kittens, and want them to find good homes.

We do not plan our breedings by the calendar, but instead watch the animals for signs of readiness to breed and overall health.  We limit the number of litters females have each year, to allow for rest between litters. We can not guarantee kittens at specific times of  the year, nor can we guarantee colors or genders.

If you are interested in being on our waiting list, please email us at elcloudcattery at gmail dot com.


ElCloud Cattery


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