Exciting News from ElCloud Cattery

We have 3 new females for our cattery.  We are still in the process of getting them registered to us, and their names changed (if possible).

  • We have a Seal Point Himalayan Persian named Joy.
  • We have a Calico (White with Red and Black patches) named Patches, although we would like to change her name.
  • We also have a Dilute Calico (Grey, Cream, and White) named Dream, whose name we’d like to change if possible.

We’ll have to get photos to post once they are more comfortable and not hiding in closets and under beds.   And I’ll post their official registration names once that process is complete.  We only brought them home on Saturday (after a long drive from New Mexico) and they are still getting acclimated to our home.

Our first Queen,  Sweetie,  isn’t being very welcoming to them, so we’ve put her in with Max for now.   We’re trying to determine whether it would be best to give the 3 new girls a room of their own to adjust in, or continue with them all together and free to roam.

Pictures of Melody’s kittens, and the 3 new cats to come … soon.


ElCloud Cattery


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