Melody’s kittens are here!

Melody gave birth to her FIVE kittens this morning.  Something woke me up at 5:30 am, and when I checked on her, she’d already delivered 2 of them.  She went on to deliver 3 more precious babies.

#1  Tortoiseshell female — 2.6 oz. or 75 g  (red patches on face)

#2  Black male — 2.6 oz or 75 g

#3  Black male — 2.4 oz. or 70 g

#4 Black male — 2.9 oz. or 85 g

#5 Tortoiseshell female — 2.8 oz. or 80 g  (red patch on one foot)

The last kitten, the 2nd tortie, was hanging by an attached placenta for nearly half an hour.  I attempted to provide some gentle traction to get the placenta to detach, but it wouldn’t.  So, we just waited and Melody kept licking at the kitten, who wasn’t in any danger … just forced to stay very close to Melody.

All five kittens are starting out smaller, and this is Melody’s first litter.  So far, she’s being a good and careful mother … but we’ll be watching their growth carefully.  I’m not sure how I’ll tell the 3 black male kittens apart when tracking their weight, though.   We’ve never had 3 totally black kittens at the same time before.

We’ll post pictures of the kittens soon.

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