The cost of raising Persian kittens

I found this website the other day that lays out the cost of raising Persian kittens (I like the word raising so much better than breeding).  Purebred cats are expensive, but that’s partly because raising them is expensive.  While we don’t have every expense listed in this article, and don’t follow all the same protocols, it’s still an eye-opening article (even for me who often forgets the smaller hidden expenses of being a cattery owner.)

This is a longer article, but well worth reading if you are considering buying or breeding Persian cats.

We’re a small cattery.  Our Persian queens and stud are our family pets.   I like it that way.  I also like keeping our prices “reasonable” for a CFA registered Persian.  You can find catteries where every single kitten is sold for $800 – $1000.  But many families can’t afford that.  I like that our kittens are medium priced  — not $100 newspaper specials, but not $1000 out-of-reach cats, either.  It means that average families (like us) can save up and buy a Persian  kitten for their children, too.

ElCloud Cattery


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