Found our cats’ pedigrees online!

I’ve been to P and E Cats Online Magazine website before. I’ve known that our cats (‘Tis So Sweet and Max-A-Million) were in The Gallery there.   But today I discovered that their pedigrees are linked to their photo in The Gallery.

Sweetie’s photo is in the Particolor Persian Gallery since she is a tortoiseshell.  This page has her photo in the P section under the name Posh Pause ‘Tis So Sweet of Pawdust.  We changed her name to Posh Pause ‘Tis So Sweet of ElCloud when we bought her in August 2005.

Max’s photo is in the Solid Persian Gallery.  This page has his photo in the J section under JusBClaws Max-A-Million of Pawdust.  We changed his name in August 2005 to JusBClaws Max-A-Million of ElCloud.   His pedigree link actually reflects that name change, although Sweetie’s does not list “of Pawdust” or “of ElCloud”.

Posh Pause ‘Tis So Sweet of ElCloud’s pedigree

JusBClaws Max-A-Million of ElCloud’s pedigree

Since Melody (ElCloud Rings A Melody) is their daughter, those pedigrees are hers, as well.  If her pedigree appears online, I’ll add it to the links later.

This is also true for Frank (ElCloud Frankincense).  Max and Sweetie are his parents, so these are also his pedigrees.

I’ve contacted P and E to see if we can have their names changed in The Gallery.  I may have to pay an additional fee and resubmit them.  I’m going to have ElCloud Rings A Melody added to The Particolor Gallery.  We’re working on getting the best photos of her that we can.   Hopefully she’ll be having kittens of her own soon.


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