Fighting for one of the boys

The last kitten born, the breech one, is failing to thrive.  I didn’t realize it until today.  Although I’d been weighing them twice a day, I hadn’t been checking gender on the two black ones when weighing them.  I thought they were both slooowwwly gaining weight.

Then this morning I woke up and thought the girl was suddenly failing.  I’ve been bottle feeding “her” all day, alternating with trying to get “her” to nurse more often.  Until I noticed that “she” was a “he”.

So looking at my weights for those two, I can see where they crossed  over each other on day 2.  She gained and he lost, and I started mixing them up at that time.  I was assuming the big one was still the boy, but it wasn’t.

So, he’s been failing for several days, and I didn’t know it.  Now I’m fighting for him:  bottle feeding him, checking often to be sure he’s staying warm, and praying for him.



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