Max and Sweetie’s kittens are here!

We had four Persian kittens born today!  They’re nursing well, and Sweetie is resting.  She’s been up to eat and drink, but like any good mama, she returns to her kittens quickly.

Sweetie has never had more than three kittens, but she was so large, we suspected she would this time.  We were right.  Unfortunately, the last kitten was breech.

I watched for awhile, hoping Sweetie could push him out.  I wasn’t sure if the kitten would make it, so I called the vet.  He said “pull it out!”   I’ve never done that before, and I was nervous, but I did get him pulled out.  I was thankful and surprised that the kitten was alive after all.

So far, these are the statistics:

  1. Red male, 100 grams
  2. Red male, 80 grams
  3. Black female, 85 grams
  4. Black male (breech), 100 grams

We’re still throwing more male kittens than female, and although we had two red kittens born this time, our overall average is still more black than orange kittens.

We’ll post pictures soon!  We’re looking forward to watching these little babies grow up.

ElCloud Cattery


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