Bringing your kitten home

Your kitten will have had his first round of shots when he leaves our home.  He can receive his second shots in a month.  Your kitten will need to have a rabies shot around 5 or 6 months.

Your kitten will need to be fed a quality kitten food for its first year of life.

Please speak to your Veterinarian about the right age to spay or neuter your kitten.

Please speak to your Veterinarian about the best method of flea control for your kitten.

When you get your kitten home, show him where his food and water bowl are, and put him into the litter box.  Usually, this is all it takes.

If you have other animals, it can help to give the new kitten his own room for a little while.  Once he feels secure in this room, you can let him explore the rest of the house and meet other pets a little at a time.

Your kitten does use a scratching post.  This does not guarantee he will not try to use your furniture, too.   Although we don’t recommend declawing, that is a decision to be made between you and your Veterinarian.

If your family is away from home often, having toys for your kitten can help to keep the kitten entertained and out of trouble.  However, nothing will replace attention from the family.

We are confident your kitten will transition into your family quite well.  However, if you have any troubles or concerns, feel free to call or email.  We may have suggestions that can help troubleshoot the situation.


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